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Apna Bazar opened its first branch like a traditional shop, in December 1984, in BHEL,Hyderabad with an initial investment of Rs. 10000 and just 100 products. By year 2005, the turnover of apna bazaar reached Rs. 33,000 crores and 9,842 branches across 18 states were added to cater the needs of more than 20 lac families. Total number of employees reached to 92 thousand.

The advertisement expenses incurred during 1984 to 2005 of apna bazaar was less than Rs one lac(For each branch).

What was the secret mantra of such phenomenalgrowth?

Our strong belief and trust in Human values and Relationships.

The secret of apna bazaars success lies in its customer’s loyalty to its stores. Children and grand children of our first customers, patronized the bazaar and there were times when three generations walked together to buy our products.

Apna Bazar never felt it was doing a business. The running of business is treated like a social responsibility where human relations, customer service, high quality and lower prices are the prime factors. The relations between employees and customers were like friends and family. The interaction with our customers was so strong that employees were often invited to attend and participate in the
Vastness and SpaceLocation
Lowest PricesQuality
Work Force ProductivityEasy and Quick Availability
Home DeliveryAmbiance
Other AdvantagesValue-added Services
Up-gradation at the Outer Level Friendly Advice to the Suppliers

The Right Shopping-Ally and the Right Buzz to Hum with APNA BAZAAR.

Think of a mixture of old and new, traditional and modern, past glory and present bright times, think APNA BAZAAR, it’s the right place and the right getaway for all your shopping needs. It’s a place where you feel at home, a home away from home. A place where you can scent quality, variety, security and an aura of assured feel-good factor in terms of affordable and reasonable rates.

Super Bazaars are no more a place where purchase-chore is a mechanical affair, a place where one comes, makes purchases and goes. It has become a place where one should experience the thrill of shopping, which is an art in itself, an art which transmits a veil of joy, exuberance, fun, merriment, pleasure and above all a feeling of pride. Step into that confines and experience a shopping expedition in itself, step into Apna Bazaar and realize a whole new world, a world of shopping paradise. Stay tuned with us, we bring you the best and the latest of shopping goodies.

The word “Apna Bazaar” means “Our Bazaar” and that is what we have been ever since our inception. The trend of shopping big and buying big started in the early 1980’s, a momentous time in Indian history. It was a ready-made platform for those aspiring to have a big shopping presence, big and modern, yet simple and accessible to people of all income barriers. The idea of Apna Bazaar came about more than a decade back before the Government of Andhra Pradesh initiated the Rythu Bazaars and Gruha Mitra Schemes.

The year 1983, saw us entering this segment. We originated from the initiative of a non-profit and charitable trust – Consumer Awareness & Research Society (Trust), better known as CARS. We originated with the philosophy of meeting the needs of lakhs of consumers from different segments of society.

The First APNA BAZAAR is opened on 12 December 1984 at B.H.E.L.(HYDERABAD)

CARS emphasize the need for such a kind of supermarket, which makes available products of various hues, of the best quality at the most affordable prices. It drives home the point that the products sold by it are reliable and properly certified in the most accurate of weights and measurements.

We project the following highlights

TopVastness and Space

We are the biggest chain of supermarkets in India operating with more than 9,842 outlets, in 18 states throughout the nation and 29 countries, selling more than 2,00,000 essential commodities and needy products.

We are the only biggest supermarket chain that keeps in view the development of consumer association, indirectly cooperates with every activity and supports consumer rights to acquire quality products without compromising on quality.

We possess one of the best and biggest warehouse facilities. The same is well equipped, scientifically tested to be of quality one. It also provides direct employment to more than 10,000 volunteers and employment to more than 1, 00,000 people. In this way it has been a good job creator and sustainer.

Our outlets are well spaced to display the vast range of products at easy view angles, with ample room for people's movements. Each and every outlet covers an average plinth area which is said to be a better space for this sort of retailing format.


All our outlets are located in prime locations which are home to people of varying backgrounds, income-range and purchasing power. We go by certain points before setting up of Apna Bazaar outlet in that area/locality. They are:

Density of population

Easy Address

Access to four corners of that particular locality

Parking Space

Real Estate

Neighbourhood Outlets – a study

Income Group – a study

Double Roads – their impact


All of the above points are worked out to the nicety to provide the maximum benefit to the consumers.

TopLowest Prices

The same has been possible due to the following factors

Buying from the source of production.

Buying in large quantities by catering to the needs of all the Apna Bazaar outlets in the state apart from our institutional sales.

The above two points provide the base for securing all the stocks at a very cheap rate and the accrued profits are passed on to the consumers in the shape of the following

Providing all items at less than MRP rates.

Promotional activities.

Discounts and offers (freebies).

We have achieved tremendous success in the same and also it has been possible due to our loyal nationwide producer base.


We adhere to the best quality standards, that is, our products are AGMARK, BIS, ECO MARK, HALLMARK accredited. The same has been possible due to the long process commencing from identification, selection, cleaning, purification, packaging and storage. The whole work process tackled from the following angles - adulteration, mixing and imitation. The other notable factor is that we ensure the weighment and quantity of the products before they are dispatched for sale (before packing and after packing) in the warehouse.

TopWork Force Productivity

We possess an army of well-trained large volunteer force that ensures maximum interactivity. The same has given the advantage to get the best out of their capacity vide making them work on a flexi-hour basis. Our volunteer-to-outlet ration has enabled us to divide work among them in areas as:




Point-of-purchase assistance

We are proud to reveal the fact Pre-employee productivity of Apna Bazaar is one of the best among all the retail chains in India.

TopEasy and Quick Availability

All our outlets are equipped with a complete range of products that forms a part of the daily/regular needs of a typical Indian family. All the products are available under one roof, groceries, food and beverages, milk, personnel care products, vegetables, crockery items and so on and also they come with depth in range and makes. The whole process is based on the foundation of “Freedom of Choice” to shop at a one-stop

Top Home Delivery

We have introduced for the benefit of our consumers the concept of “Home Delivery”, the same has been utilized well by people who are busy and have little time to spare for shopping. The same is worked out by dialing our helpline at no extra cost.


To put our customers in the proper frame of mind and instill the dose of “shopping spirit”, our outlets are done up in the most modern, tasteful and well-decorated manner. The blue hoardings at our outlet's entrance signify a positive spirit and approach serenity, calmness and above all that “feel at home” theme. In addition to this, we are further guided by the themes of “Shop-at-Ease in Peace” or “Shopping Peacefully”.

TopOther Advantages

Our network extends to more than 1,100 mandals at Andhra Pradesh State and 8,800 places in 18 states in India and has specified consumer cells.

We possess a network of 30 branches in various parts of the world.

TopValue-added Services

Customer Suggestion Box: Every outlet possesses special boxes wherein, our customers can deposit their suggestions and complaints pertaining to any product or service.

Consumer Grievance Cell: Problems faced by the customers in their day-to-day life relating to products and services used by them and the complaints against defects in them are lodged in cell. The same are maintained carefully and resolved through consumer courts.

Convenience–Joints: We are initiating the introduction of “Bill Payment” service through which our customers can pay their telephone, water, electricity bills and bookings for cooking gas, travel, etc.

Supplier focus towards achieving world class supply chain efficiency. We are very much focused and believe in the theme, “Together let us redefine the view of business in the minds of consumers”.


Continuous Availability

Authentic Promotions


Good Will

Brand Penetration

Low Transaction


Higher Retention Rates

“Stable” Supplier Relations

Multiplier Effect

TopUp-gradation at the Outer Level

Increase in display space

Creation of separate section called “Latest” or “New Arrivals” in each product category (Encouragement to niche products)

Induction of more product lines into our product portfolio range

Implementation of innovative, makes customers feel happy resulting in an increase in the sales

Creation of regular promotional (frontage) space in all the outlets thus helping the suppliers working out their business more practically at the outlet level

TopFriendly Advice to the Suppliers

We are a consumer organization as well as a retail chain – our basic service to the consumers start at the supermarket level and towards the same we seek the cooperation from all our regular and trusted suppliers.

As a result, we demand more sops from the suppliers on mutually-beneficial terms which will result in a substantial sale increase as well as quality service to the consumers. The facility of this “prompt service to the consumers” can only be understood by the suppliers/manufacturers who want enduring returns (in retailing parlance) and not by those who look for “everything quick in today’s competitive business world”.

TopWe encourage

Quality Products

More Discounts / Margins

Your participation in various welfare activities conducted by CARS (Trust)

The other noted point is that we have a solid and established base all over the state which is a major plus to the suppliers, manufacturers and farmers. The same comes about in the form of no investment required on advertising and publicity and instead they can avail the facility of outlets all over the state, reaching so many consumers is a task possible only through Apna Bazaar. The Producer/Manufacturer also need not invest any money on advertising since Apna Bazaar will ensure the sale of his product. More than 20 lakhs consumers all over the country are being introduced to new products, through Apna Bazaar.

The most difficult problem faced by most well-known brands today is 'imitation'. Imitation is so close to the real product that it is difficult for the consumer to distinguish between the real product and the imitation. As a result, the manufacturers of the quality products and the buyers of the imitation products are the ultimate losers. Manufacturers can also avoid the hurdle of imitations, by selling their products through the totally centralized and transparent functioning of the Apna Bazaar. The members of the Apna Bazaar are also members of the local Consumer Association, so they will have a good idea of the quality of the products. In this way, the sales of pure and quality products will increase by leaps and bounds.

Future is here, it beckons and it sure glows brightly and emits that priceless quality called “Pride of Place”, the future is Apna Bazaar.

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